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Image President2008
Cathy Johnson
Image President2009
Ed Vicenzi
Image President2007
Ian Anderson
Image Director2007_LB
Luke Brewer
Image Director2007_KB
Kristin L. Bunker
Image Director2008_SM
Stuart McKernan
Image Director2008_NR
Nicholas W. M. Ritchie
Image Director2009_JB
James Bentley
Image Director2009_HL
Heather Lowers
Image Secretary_SD
Scott Davilla
Image Treasurer_JM
James J. McGee
Page MAS Council
Executive Council are the elected representatives of the membership. Through 2013, the Executive Council will "composed of six Directors and the following officers, the President, President-Elect, the Past-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer," consistent with the 2007 revision of the MAS Bylaws, as indicated in Article XI, Section 2 of the current Bylaws.
Page Appointed Officers
Individuals appointed by the President, pursuant to a vote of Executive Council, to transact the society's business, as outlined in Article VI, Section 5.
Page Committee Chairs
Committee Chairs and Members are appointed by Executive Council "as it considers necessary or helpful in managing the affairs of the society," as outlined in Article VII.
Page Program Chairs
Program Chairs are committee chairs whose responsibilities are specific to technical programming at an Annual Meeting or at an MAS Topical Conference.
Image Craig Schwandt
Image Luke Brewer
Image Brendan Foran
Image John Mansfield
Image Scott Wight
Image Philip Russell
Image Joe Michael
Image Paul Hlava
Image John Fournelle
Image Vern Robertson
Image Dan Kremser
Image Paul Carpenter
Image Lou Ross
Page Council Meetings
The agenda and minutes of recent MAS Council Meetings are shown below. Italicized font indicates that item is draft, pending finalization or approval.
Folder Council Meetings Agenda and Minutes
Page Business Meetings
The agenda and minutes of recent MAS Annual Business Meetings are shown below. Italicized font indicates that item is draft, pending finalization or approval.
Image musselmanih.jpg
Image watanabem.jpg
Image Director2010_TK.jpg
Tom Kelly
Image President2010.jpg
John Henry Scott
Image Director2010_AD.jpg
Andy Deal
Image VicenziEP.gif
Image MacRae.jpg
Image Smentkowski.jpg
Image Treasurer_JMD.jpg
Jeff Davis
Image Marquis.jpg
Image Director2011_1.jpg
Image President2011.jpg
Image Lucille Giannuzzi
Image Director2011_2.jpg
Rhonda Stroud
Image Picard.jpg
Image Kotula.jpg
Image KotulaPG_2012.jpg
Image WoodwardVP_2009.jpg
Image Pat Camus
Image ElaineSchumacher
Image BunkerKL_2012.jpg
Image CamusPP_2012.jpg
Image SchumacherEF_2012.jpg
Image Director2013_BG
Brian Gorman
Image Director2013_BG2
Brian Gorman - head
Image Karen Wright
Image Daniel L Kremser
Image Karen Wright (512 x 512)
Karen Wright
Page MAS 2014 Election of Officers - Candidates
The council-nominated candidates running for society leadership in 2014
Folder Election 2014
Image Director2014_2
Brendan Foran
Image Director2014_1
Keana Scott
Image Kremser in technicolor
Image Donovan Leonard
M&M 2105 Co-Chair
Image Kat Crispin
Image Rhonda Stroud
Rhonda Stroud
Image Paul Carpenter (really!)
Paul Carpenter
Image Kerry Siebein
Image Joseph Michael
Image Brian Gorman
Image Assel Aitkaliyeva
Image Julie Chouinard
Image Vin Smentkowski
Image Sahar Hihath
Image Masashi 200pix
Masashi Watanabe
Image Mike Nagorka
Mike Nagorka
Image Donovan Leonard (circa Dec 2016)
Donovan Leonard (circa Dec 2016)
Image Emma Bullock
Emma Bullock
Image Elaine Schumacher 2017
Elaine Schumacher 2017
Image Csencsits
Roseann Csencsits
Image Jim McGee
Jim McGee
Image Andrew Herzing
Da man!
Image The Beads of Office
The Beads of Office
Image The Fib'd logos
The Fib'd logos
Page The MAS Beads of Office Security Program
Time to secure the royal jewels for posterity...
File The Beads of Office Security Program Presentation
The Beads of Office Security Program Presentation
Image Anette von der Handt
Anette von der Handt
Image Chad Parish
Chad Parish
Image Anette von der Handt
Anette von der Handt
Image James Lebeau
James Lebeau
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