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EMAS-2017 & IUMAS-7

Save the date for EMAS-2016 & IUMAS-7 in Konstanz, Germany

6-11 May 2017 in Konstanz, Germany

The primary aim of this combined EMAS Workshop / IUMAS Meeting is to assess the state of the art and reliability of microbeam analysis techniques. EMAS was founded in 1987 to meet the growing demands of microanalysis users and scientists across Europe for further education, communication and professional advice. IUMAS was founded in 1994 to promote world-wide cooperation in all aspects of microbeam analysis through the organization of an International Congress on microbeam analysis every three to four years, and by participating in joint committee's with other scientific organizations in matters relevant to microbeam analysis which are better discussed on a world scale.

More information available here and here.

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