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Emeritus Member Application / Renewal

Only for the Application or Renewal of Emeritus Membership in the Microbeam Analysis Society

This page is for the application / renewal of an individual emeritus membership only! 

Emeritus membership in the MAS is an honorary entitlement and an individual only becomes entitled by vote of the MAS council.

Application Type

Your Contact Info
e.g., Jr or PhD
State University
Department of Microbeam Analysis
Science and Engineering Building
1 Quantitative Road
+1 234 567 8901
+1 987 654 3210
+1 234 567 8900
Membership in Affiliated Societies


Special Requests
The MAS makes a subset of its members names and addresses available as mailing labels to its Sustaining Members. You may opt out of being included.

Membership Dues, Services, Charitable Donations, and Payment
The selections below will permit you to specify your membership category, whether you would like to purchase a subscription to Microscopy and Microanalysis, the society journal, and whether you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to one of the MAS charitable funds. All denominations are in US$.
Note: Emeritus membership is conferred only by vote of MAS council.
MSA members already receive a subscription to M&M through their MSA dues. Student members are eligible to receive a complimentary subscription and will be contacted separately.
Donations to the Chodos Fund will support student participation at Microanalysis Society events like our annual meeting or a topical conference.
The Fiori Fund supports technologist-oriented programming within MAS. Funds are allocated at the discretion of MAS Council.
FIGMAS is the Focused Interest Group on MicroAnalytical Standards. Membership in FIGMAS is $10 per year to support the groups web site and expenses related to the FIG.
Choosing to pay for more than one year will simply multiply BOTH dues and journal subscription by the chosen multiple, so that you will not need to go through the renewal process through the years paid. Donations to the Chodos and Fiori Funds are NOT multiplied; the amount of your donation is as indicated above.
If you select "PayPal / Credit Card," you will be transferred to a secure checkout location to enter credit card information; please print the PayPal record as your receipt for tax purposes and record keeping. If you select "Personal Check," an address to send the check will be provided; a receipt will automatically be sent to you.

Member Feedback
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