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Membership Application - NWMR

Apply for membership in the Microbeam Analysis Society

To apply for a new membership or to renew your membership please complete the following form.

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Application Type
Please specify whether you are an current member requesting membership renewal or a new individual requesting membership. Memberships run through the calendar year. New memberships received during or after the annual meeting (Microscopy & Microanalysis in late July/early August) will be automatically extended though the next calendar year.

Contact Information
Please provide this information to assist us in contacting you
Your organizational affliation (if any)
Membership in Affiliated Societies

The name of the Affiliated Regional Society (if any)

Special Requests
The MAS makes a subset of its members names and addresses available as mailing labels to its Sustaining Members. You may opt out of being included.

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Dues, Subscriptions and Charitable Donations
The selections below will permit you to identify the correct membership class, to specify whether to receive the Microscopy and Microanalysis journal and to donate money to one of the MAS' charitable funds. Most of these items carry a price (in US $). When you submit the form if you owe payment you will be given two options - check or PayPal. If you select check, you will be presented with an address to send the check. If you select PayPal you will be transferred to a secure checkout location to enter credit card information (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover or bank transfer). Your membership will begin when we receive payment.
Membership Dues and Services
Note: Honorary and emeritus membership conferred only by vote of MAS council.

MSA members already receive a subscription to M&M through their MSA dues. MAS will sponsor free shipment of the journal for student members. If you claim a student sponsorship be sure to provide the required student verification information below and list your university affiliation.

If you are a student and are requesting student membership rate and/or a sponsored subscription to the Microscopy and Microanalysis journal, please provide the following information to verify eligibility.
Please specify the name of your advisor
Please specify the type of degree you are pursuing

Please consider giving additional funds to support students and techologists. Funds are allocated at the discretion of the MAS Council. (Amounts are in integer US$, 0 represents no contribution)
The Chodos Fund supports student activities. (In US $)
The Fiori Fund helps to support technologist oriented content. (In US $)
Please complete the following captcha challenge to help us eliminate machine generated submissions
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Upon submitting this application, you will be taken to a page from which you can select to pay your dues via PayPal or check.  Please ensure that you have selected the correct membership class, the correct journal choice and that you are content with the amounts you have chosen to donate to the Fiori and Chodos fund.  You will not be given further opportunity to change these selections.