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Page Honorary Members
Honorary Membership is the highest honor bestowed by the Microbeam Analysis Society. It is the sole recognition by the society that requires both a vote by Executive Council and endorsement by the regular membership.
File MAS Past Officers
Image MAS_New_Logo_4x3_Hex colors.eps
Draft vector graphics logo for MAS, rev 2011
Image MAS_New_Logo_4x3_Hex colors.jpg
Draft vector graphics logo for MAS, rev 2011
Folder archival docs
File Castaing-Thesis-clearscan.pdf
Page Early History of the MAS
David Wittry's recollections of the early history of our society
File Dale's 50th Anniversary Lecture from M&M 2017
As Dale correctly observes it is easier to argue this is the 51st anniversary but...
File 2017 Annual Meeting Slides
2017 Annual Meeting Slides
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