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MAS Fellows Program - Governing Documents

Describes the Fellows program, and the nomination and selection process.

MAS Fellows Program

Governing Document

Prepared by the MAS Fellows Committee: 
Mary Grace Burke, Shirin Kaboli, Thomas Kelly (Chair), Jon McCarthy, and Dale Newbury
October 6, 2017


MAS Fellow is a designation that is intended to recognize eminent scientists, engineers, and technologists in the field of microanalysis of materials and related phenomena who have distinguished themselves through outstanding research and service to the microanalysis community. This includes, but is not limited to technique development, applications, theory development, and distinguished service to the society. Election as an MAS Fellow will be highly selective but should represent a broad cross-section of the MAS membership. They are elected by their peers.


  • Minimum of ten years MAS membership, except in very special circumstances. This must be documented by a list of at least five MAS or M&M meetings (need not be consecutive) that the candidate has attended
  • Current members of the MAS steering committee (or Fellowship Committee, see below) are not eligible for nomination (except in the case of the class of “Inaugural Fellows”)


  • Limit new electees to 3 per year except for the Inaugural Class
  • There will be an inaugural class of up to 25 fellows to be inducted at the 2018 M&M meeting
  • There is no minimum number of electees each year
  • Age is neither a necessary nor sufficient criterion for election
  • Any individual may nominate only one person for Fellow per each submission deadline
  • No self-nominations will be accepted
  • Nominations are due December 1 of a given year
  • Nominations will be kept on file and considered active for a period of three years
  • A new nomination may be submitted even if an active nomination exists but the most recent nomination only will be considered and the Nominating Sponsor must be the same person in each case. 
  • Only one nomination of an individual at a time will be considered. If a subsequent nomination of an individual from a different Nominating Sponsor is submitted while there is an active nomination, the first nomination only will be considered while the first is still active unless the first Nominating Sponsor withdraws the first nomination in writing. 


  • Fellows will be approved by the MAS Council in the year prior to the M&M meeting and plaques designating election to Fellowship will be presented at the M&M meeting following election.
  • An online nomination package may be submitted through the website and includes the following: 
    • A letter of nomination from a sponsor (who must be a current MAS member) describing the nominee's achievements or contributions.
    • Up to two additional supporting letters (do not have to be from current MAS members)
    • Short curriculum vitae of the nominee (two pages only plus list of publications)
    • Suggested citation statement – limited to a maximum of ~30 words.
    • Confirmation that the prospective fellow has been informed of the nomination and is willing to take up the fellowship if elected.
  • Nominations (including the Active Nominations on File) will be screened and recommendations for Fellowship will be made by the Fellowship Committee to MAS Council
  • Nominations will be kept on-file and considered active for a period of three years

The Fellowship Committee

  • The Fellowship Committee shall consist of: 
    • a Chair who is appointed to a three-year term by MAS Council and may serve no more than two consecutive terms
    • four at-large members who each serve a four-year term
    • Each at-large committee position shall be appointed by the Fellowship Committee Chair to maintain a staggered and rotating four-year cycle of membership
    • The initial Committee membership shall be devised to establish the staggered membership as soon as possible
  • The Fellowship Committee Chair should strive to appoint committee members that maximize its diversity of field of interest, age and gender
  • There shall be at least two Fellows on the Fellowship Committee (after the third year of the program)
  • Fellowship Committee members must be one of either regular, commercial, or emeritus members of MAS


  • October 15 (First year only) Send out solicitations for Fellows nominations
  • December 1 Deadline for nominations submission
  • January 15 Fellowship Committee submits recommendations to Council
  • Winter Council Fellowship Committee Chair presents Fellows recommendations to MAS Council
  • March 15 Announce Class of MAS Fellows
  • June 1 Prepare award materials including logo
  • M&M 20XX Presentation of Fellows Class at Plenary
  • Recognition Credentials
    • A plaque with the MAS logo, name and date of election, and signature of the President of MAS shall be prepared and presented to each Fellow
    • Each MAS Fellow shall be authorized and encouraged to use the “MAS Fellow logo” as appropriate. (The MAS Fellow logo shall be developed by MAS by Winter Council 2018).
    • An “MAS Fellow” ribbon shall be prepared and delivered for all M&M registration badges for MAS Fellows.
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