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Page Paul Hlava - The Materials Known as Gemstones
Page Paul Kotula or Joe Michael - Microanalysis and the Amerithrax Investigation
Page Nestor Zaluzec - A Transmission X-ray Detector for Nano-Particle Analysis
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Folder 2009 Tour Speaker archive
Folder 2008 Tour Speaker archive
Page 2012 Tour Speakers
MAS provides interesting technical speakers for meetings of its Affiliated Regional Societies (AReS).
Page Richard McLaughlin - All You Ever Wanted to Know About Silicon Drift Detectors
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Page John Henry Scott - How the Sausage is Made
Page Dave Williams - Reflections on Microscopy & Analysis
Page MAS-Sponsored Speaker Program
MAS provides interesting technical speakers for meetings of its Affiliated Regional Societies (AReS).
Page Dick Bisbing
The Forensics of the Night: The CSI Effect and The Microscopy and Microanalysis of Trace Evidence
Page Masashi Wantanabe
Toward Quantitative Analysis of Atomic-Resolution X-ray Maps in an Aberration- Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope with a Large Solid- Angle Detector
Page Understanding the Effects of Wear Particles: Lessons Learned from Postmortem Retrievals
Dr. Deborah Hall, Robbins and Jacobs Family Biocompatibility and Implant Pathology, Laboratory of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Rush University Medical Center
File Masashi2015-Abstract
File Kelly-Abstract
Page Tom Kelly
Tour Speaker Bio
Page Masashi Watanabe
Tour Speaker Bio
File Kelly-AST Abstract
Page Lucille Giannuzzi
MAS / ARes Tour Speaker
File Giannuzzi - Tour Speaker 2016
Theory and Applications of FIB Specimen Preparation
Page Vincent Smentkowski
MAS / ARes Tour Speaker
File Smentkowski - Tour Speaker
Surface Microscopy and Microanalysis in an Industrial Research and Development Laboratory: General Electric Global Research Center
Page The Universe is my nano-fab: scanning transmission electron microscopy of carbonaceous nanomaterials
Rhonda Stroud, Naval Research Laboratory
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