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Milos Toth - Gaseous Environments in SEM

Gaseous Environments in Scanning Electron Microscopy: From Nanofabrication to Imaging of Non-Conductors, Liquids and Hydrated Materials Systems



Milos Toth
FEI Company
Cambridge, MA



The gaseous environment in low vacuum scanning electron microscopy (LVSEM) enables electron beam directed etching and deposition, thermodynamic stabilization of liquids, and control over charging caused by an electron beam. Consequently, materials systems such as hydrated bio tissue, suspensions, thin films at gas-liquid interfaces and nanoporous dielectrics can be imaged using emitted and transmitted electron signals. Reactive gases such as XeF2, W(CO)6, Pt(PF3)4 and WF6 enable electron beam induced fabrication at the nanoscale. I will outline the latest LVSEM nanofabrication and imaging capabilities and discuss challenges associated with the often conflicting technical requirements of high resolution electron imaging, charge and specimen control, and materials processing in gaseous environments.

Milos Toth is a Staff Scientist at FEI Company. He received his PhD in Applied Physics from University of Technology Sydney in 2000 where he worked on the defect structure and optoelectronic properties of wide-bandgap semiconductors. He has since worked on electron-solid interactions, environmental SEM and electron beam induced nanofabrication at University of Cambridge and FEI Company.

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