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Vincent Smentkowski

MAS / ARes Tour Speaker

Vincent Smentkowski

Vincent S. Smentkowski obtained a B.S. degree in chemistry from Marshall University in 1987 and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (1994) from the University of Pittsburgh, under the guidance of Prof. John T. Yates, Jr.  After completing his degree, Vin accepted a post-doctoral position at Argonne National Laboratory where he designed, built, and tested a novel reflectron analyzer in order to perform Ion Scattering and Recoil Spectrometry (ISARS) measurements of surfaces during thin film growth at ambient pressure.  Vin is currently a Senior Scientist in the Nanostructures and Surfaces Laboratory at General Electric Global Research (GEGR) where he performs surface analysis to support research programs at GEGR, GE businesses, and strategic partners. Vin’s research is focused on the applications of ToF-SIMS analysis, emphasizing how multivariate statistical analysis tools facilitate data reduction. He also collaborates with external laboratories in order to evaluate advanced microstructural characterization techniques such as Atom Probe Tomography and Helium Ion Microscopy and show the benefits these techniques have for industrial materials. 

Vin published more than 110 manuscripts in peer reviewed journals, greater than 160 GEGR internal manuscripts, co-authored 3 book chapters, edited a book “Surface Analysis and Techniques in Biology” (Springer, 2015), and holds 6 US Patents.   Vin has presented numerous contributed and invited talks. Vin was named a Fellow of the AVS in 2010.

MAS involvement  

  • Co-chaired the bi-annual symposium on “Surface Analysis” at the M&M meeting (2006-2016).
  • Organized a short course on Surface Analysis at M&M 2007.  
  • Served as the MAS Program Co-chair for the M&M 2012 and M&M 2013 meetings. 
  • MAS Director (2016-2019).  

Vin has also been involved in the American Vacuum Society (AVS).  Vin was the founding Chair of the AVS Hudson Mohawk Chapter (2009-2010),  Co-Chair of the 33rd Symposium on Applied Surface Analysis (Surface Analysis 2011), 2011 Chair of the Applied Surface Science Division (ASSD), 2012 Program Chair for the ASSD, AVS 60 (2013) Program Vice-chair, AVS 61 (2014) Program Chair, and 2013-2014 AVS Director.  

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