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MAS Awards Committee 2011

This page captures the discussions of the MAS Council and Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) concerning the establishment of an MAS Awards Committee

  • 05 Feb 2011: MAS President asks for sense of Council regarding establishment of MAS Awards Committee; Council views positively
  • At its 05Feb2011 meeting, MAS President John Henry Scott asked for the sense of Council as to whether the Society should move to the establishment of an Awards Committee to shepherd through the various awards (Outstanding Papers; Distinguished Scholar; President’s Service, Science, and Heinrich; Duncumb) that MAS confers annually. Council viewed this idea positively. Such a committee would attract a membership that has explicit interest in the technical excellence of the society. It would distribute the role of judging the Outstanding Paper Awards beyond the two second-year Directors and the screening of the 50+ student papers beyond the President, would assign responsibility (rather than leaving to chance) the solicitation of nominations from the membership for Duncumb Award nominations, and would provide the President with the data to make an informed decision in his or her selection of the MAS Distinguished Scholar and Presidential Award winners.

  • 17 Feb 2011: SPC unanimously recommends establishment of Awards Committee
  • The Committee unanimously recommends the formation of an MAS Awards Committee. It would make the awards judging process more structured and would provide an element of institutional memory. Such a committee would also distribute the burden of vetting the many candidates for MAS Distinguished Scholar Awards (currently performed by the MAS President in early March / at the Program Production Meeting) and MAS Outstanding Paper Awards (currently performed by the second-year Directors at the M&M meeting), both time-consuming tasks that must be performed during a limited time window. The existing tradition of the Presidential prerogative of the Service, Science, Heinrich, and Distinguished Scholar Awards could be continued, with the role of the Award Committee being the devising of a short list of worthy candidates and a draft of their Award citation that appears on the web site. The President could explicitly ask the committee to prepare a profile for a candidate not on the running short list. The Awards Committee could also maintain a list of prospective new Honorary Members of the Society, and make recommendations for the circulation of a petition at the Annual Meeting.

  • 04 Mar 2011: MAS President summarizes potential roles of proposed committee.
  • President expresses potential concerns over "volunteer bandwidth" to populate committee and potential to attract committee members who would be sufficiently committed to role.

  • 05 Mar 2011: Council requests SPC draft a detailed proposal for establishment of Awards Committee for MAS Council consideration
  • MAS President assumes action item to ask the Strategic Planning Committee to build on Council discussions of a new Awards Committee and to present a detailed proposal for MAS Council consideration. The sense of Council was that the core of the new committee should consist of the existing Council members already performing awards duties (President, two Directors) and perhaps other chairs such as the Education Committee Chair.

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