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Proposed MAS-MSA Coordination


At the 05Feb2011 MAS Council meeting, MAS President John Henry and MSA President-Elect Janet Woodward reviewed proposals presented by MSA President Nestor Zaluzec at the Microscopy Society of America (MSA) Winter Council Meeting in late January. Nestor had noted that there are several stakeholder groups and activities where the two societies have substantial overlap and could coordinate activities, including members (regular and sustaining), regional affiliated societies, and of course the M&M meeting. On these issues he suggested, respectively, that we coordinate our dues collection (offering a discount to regular and sustaining members who wish to have membership in both societies), consolidate and/or combine our regional affiliates, and explicitly designate a “Microanalysis” affiliation of the M&M meeting program chair every four years (sequence: Biological / Physical / Biological / Microanalysis).  Nestor had offered that MSA would be willing to take a larger hit on the dues discount than MAS; a 60:40 split was proposed. 

These proposals were received positively by MAS Council members in attendance, but it was suggested that Society leaders who have been cool to closer ties with MSA in the past be asked to participate in the forthcoming 05Mar2011 Council telecon so that they can register their viewpoints.

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