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Air travel to Madison, WI













Madison's Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) is served by 6 airlines:
Delta (formerly Northwest) and Delta Connection (DC), Frontier (starting May 3), United Express
(UE), American Eagle (AE), Midwest Connect (MC), and Continental
Express (CE). If possible, avoid flying through Chicago O'Hare as it
is extremely congested and it is common to miss a connecting flight
and be routed by bus to Madison, late.

As of November 1, 2009, cities that have direct flights to Madison
MSN (with the airline abbreviated) are: Chicago ORD (AE,UE),
Cincinnati (DC), Cleveland (CE), Dallas-Fort Worth (AE), Denver (UE),
Detroit (Delta), Memphis (Delta), Milwaukee (MC), Minneapolis
(Delta), New York LGA (Delta), Newark (CE), St Louis (AE), Washington
DCA (Delta).  On February 16, Frontier Airlines announced they would
start flying from Denver to Madison, starting May 3.
They announced $99/one way fares to Madison from Denver, Albuquerque,
Phoenix and Tucson, and other low ticket fares from western cities.

Several large airports are within 2-2.5 hours and one option would be
to flight direct to one of them and rent a car, if you can get a
cheap airfare to one of them:

        * Milwaukee (MKE): 1.5 hours from Madison, larger than
Madison, many more connections from other cities, served by same
airlines as Madison, and starting Nov 2009, Southwest flies here,
directly from Baltimore, Kansas City, Orland, Las Vegas, Phoenix and
Tampa. Also served by Air Tran.
        * Rockford (RFD): a new airport about 1.5 hours, between
O'Hare and Madison. Very limited service (Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa
Bay, Phoenix/Mesa, Ft. Myers, Myrtle Beach)
     * Chicago O'Hare (ORD): 2.25-2.5 hours
     * Chicago Midway (MDW) in center of Chicago (services by
Southwest and Frontier): 2.5-3 hours depending on traffic

International travelers will probably enter or connect through
Minneapolis (MSP), Detroit (DTW) or Chicago (ORD).

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