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EBSD-2016 Pre-meeting Attendee Information

Providing this information to the organizers will allow them to make your attendance at EBSD-2016 more pleasant.

Your first name
Your last name
What organization are you affiliated with?
Your cell phone number to make it easier to contact you while you are at EBSD-2016
Someone to contact in case you should require emergency assistance
The phone number associated with your emergency contact
Do you need a ride FROM the Birmingham International Airport at the beginning of the conference?
If you need a ride from the airport, what is your flight number and when does your flight arrive?
Will you need a ride back the airport at the end of the conference?
If you need a ride to the airport at the end of the conference, what flight are you on and when does it leave?
Please list any special dietary restrictions or requirements (such as allergies / vegetarian / vegan.) We will attempt to make allowances for these restrictions although it remains the attendees responsibility to ensure the conferences food is safe and suitable for them.
Do you plan to attend the Basic EBSD Tutorial on Tuesday, 24-May-2016?
Select a subject matter

Do you plan to attend an Advanced Tutorial on Tuesday, 24-May-2016?
Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD), Pat Trimby - University of Sydney, Australia
Precession Electron Diffraction (PED), Edgar Rauch - Grenoble Institute of Technology, Switzerland
High Angular Resolution EBSD-Ben Britton, Imperial College, United Kingdom