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Particles 2009 Presentations

Slides from the Particles 2009 Topical Conference


Particles 2009 was held at the McCrone School of Microscopy in April 2009.  This page contains an archive of presentations from this event.  We are grateful to the presenters for permitting their content to be made available here.  Before reusing any of the content contained within the presentations please get permission from the author. 

Author Title
Bob Anderhalt Improved Quantitative Analysis of Particles with Topography using  Multiple EDS Detectors
Ian Anderson Nanoparticle Characterization by Analytical Electron Microscope
John Armstrong ZAF Corrections for Particle Analysis
Brian Bierman Analysis and Classification of Environmental Samples Using ASPEX Automated P-SEM
K. L. Bunker, T. Lersch,
J.P. Marquis, B.R. Stohmeier,
G.S. Casuccio
Nanoparticles generated by Friction Stir Welding: First EM/EDS results
Paul Carpenter

Electron-Probe Microanalysis of Particles and Heterogeneous Materials

John Fournelle Evaluating atmospheric particles - using EDS, WDS and EBSD
Kristofor Ingeneri Observations Regarding Automated SEM and SIMS Analysis of Minerals
 Heather Lowers
When worlds collide: Asbestos analysis in the regulatory, health, and mineralogical communities 
J. J. McCarthy,
F. E. Pfefferkorn,
D. Bello, M. Powell,
G. Haddad, K. L. Bunker
Nanoparticles generated by Friction Stir Welding: First EM/ EDS results
Dale Newbury
Exploiting the Speed of the Silicon Drift Detector to Open New Measurement Opportunities in Particle Analysis
Nicholas W. M. Ritchie Using DTSA-II for Particle Analysis
Volker Rose New Ways to See a Smaller World:  The Hard X-ray Nanoprobe at Argonne National Laboratory
Craig Schwandt Overview
Elaine F. Schumacher Transmission Electron Microscopy for High Resolution Single-Particle Analysis
Joe Swider Powder Micro X-ray Diffraction of Particles














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