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Sustaining Members - TC Liaison Role

The MAS Sustaining Member Committee is charged with acting as a liaison with the organizers of approved MAS TCs as regards TC sponsorship issues.

  • 15 Months Out: At the time of proposal submission, examine list of Major Financial Sponsors identified in TC Proposal
    • How many Major Financial Sponsors identified by the organizers are MAS Sustaining Members? How many are not?
    • Are there MAS Sustaining Members not listed as Major Financial Sponsors in the TC Proposal that have a strong stake in the TC, and should be considered as prospective Major Financial Sponsors?
    • Are there potential sensitivities for any identified Major Financial Sponsors?  E.g., have they provided major sponsorship to recent or upcoming TCs?  Have they been doing this for several years in a row?  Are there sensitivities to competitors?
  • 15 Months Out: After MAS Council approval, work with TC Organizers to create an effective Sponsorship Plan
    • Ensure that all MAS Sustaining Members are covered in Sponsorship Plan
      • MAS Sustaining Membership should be informed of and invited to participate in all MAS-sponsored programming, including MAS TCs
    • Ensure that all Sponsors - particularly Sustaining Members - with similar stake in TC are contacted simultaneously
      • Avoid impression that any one vendor received preferential treatment or notice of sponsorship relative to its competitors
    • Make agreement with TC Organizers about who will be responsible for contacting which Sponsors; for example:
      • Organizers to contact Major Financial Sponsors (e.g., manufacturers of key detector);
      • Organizers and Liaison to share contacts of other likely Sponsors (e.g., manufacturers of platform on which key detector is mounted);
      • Liaison to contact Sustaining Members and other prospective Sponsors that manufacturer supporting supplies, etc. (e.g., manufacturers of specimen preparation equipment or specimen mounts)
    • Sponsorship Plan includes time table for contacts; for example:
      • Preliminary "heads up" e-mail to prospective Major Financial Sponsors March 1;
      • to other likely Sponsors March 15;
      • to other prospective Sponsors April 1;
      • Follow-up phone contact with all Sponsors within one week of "heads up" e-mail
  • 12 Months Out: Review promotional materials drafted by TC Organizers to ensure appropriate acknowledgment of Major Financial Sponsors in promotional materials
  • 9 Months Out: Assist TC Organizers in distribution of promotional materials to and contact with prospective Sponsors at M&M meeting (assumes Spring TC)
    • Walk the floor with TC Organizers
      • TC Organizers able to introduce Sustaining Member Liaison to vendor contacts with expertise and oversight of TC-specific equipment
      • Sustaining Member Liaison able to introduce TC Organizers to vendor representatives unknown to them who may wish to sponsor TC
  • 9 Months Out: Coordinate with Organizers confirmation of sponsorship and thank yous to all TC Sponsors
    • All Organizers, Liaison, SM Chair, and MAS President copied on letters
  • 4 Weeks Out: Touch base with TC Organizers to review final preparations for TC as regards sponsors and to offer assistance as appropriate
    • Review plans for sponsor acknowledgment and accommodation, for example:
      • Viewgraph with Sponsor logos among "opening remarks" presentation
      • Major Financial Sponsor recognition on TC signage
      • Plans for Sponsor booths / tables / presentations / etc.
      • "Is there any way that I can help?"
    • "Do you have any questions that I might be able to answer?"
    • "Are there any sponsor issues that I might help to resolve?"
  • 0 Weeks Out: Thank Sponsors personally for their support of TC
    • Face-to-face if attending TC; otherwise via e-mail or telephone
  • 4 Weeks Past: Follow-up letter to Sponsors thanking them for success of TC
    • All Organizers, Liaison, and MAS President copied on letters


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