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TC Milestones

This folder contains descriptions of and comments from former TC organizers regarding individual milestones for TC planning and production.

Page 15 Months Out
Submit TC proposal for MAS Council consideration in advance of Council Meeting.
Page MAS Council Approval
Approval to proceed with TC planning performed by MAS Council.
Page Release of TC Funds
Release of funding approved by MAS Council tied to completion of TC "punch list."
Page 12 Months Out
TC logo drafted. Microscopy Today article/advertisement submitted (requires 3 months lead time).
Page 9 Months Out
TC web site goes live.
Page 6 Months Out
TC registration opens.
Page 3 Months Out
Deadlines for abstract submission, student scholarship application.
Page 10 Weeks Out
Notification of assignment of presentation (talks, posters); student scholarships awarded.
Page 8 Weeks Out
Full and "final" program and agenda set and posted.
Page 4 Weeks Out
Registration deadline.
Page 0 Weeks Out
Hold TC.
Page 1 Week Past
Raw meeting output posted on TC web site.
Page 4 Weeks Past
Finish TC close-out list.
Page 3 Months Past
Final TC report to MAS Council.
Page 6 Months Past
Final TC output submitted, if applicable.
Folder TC held in Spring
This folder contains example documents specific to an MAS Topical Conference held in the spring (e.g., April / May)
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